Teddi Mellencamp’s Four- Year Old Daughter Has Been Diagnosed With A Serious neural Ailment! She Is Scheduled To Undergo neurosurgery and the father asks for prayers!

Reality-TV star Teddi Mellencamp is going through a major personal crisis as her four-month-old daughter has been diagnosed with Lambdoid Craniosynostosis. However, there is nothing to worry about as the little one will undergo surgery to make the situation better. Let us take a look into the details of this sudden crisis.


Teddy Mellencamp’s Four Year Old Will Be Undergoing Surgery Soon Enough. Here’s What We Know.

This further can cause the premature fusion of bones towards the back of an infant’s skull. If not treated properly, it can end up affecting the child’s appearance and brain development as well.

The reality star posted an adorable.picture of the little one and telling fans about this sudden crisis and informed everyone that the little one is scheduled to undergo surgery this month itself. She assured fans that it is going to be a safe surgery with a very high success rate. Moreover, Mellencamp going to stay awhile in the hospital after the surgery which might be over a week. Take a look at the Instagram post that the reality star shared and it went viral in no time.


The Reality Star Posted About The Incident On Her Instagram Account. Have a Look.

She asked fans to keep little Dove in their prayers and also that if someone has any useful advice they can surely share it as she would love some insight and support during this difficult time.


We hope the surgery is done with hundred percent success and the little one soon recovers back to health. Fans have been showering little Dove with all the best wishes and a speedy recovery. The adorable little one will soon spring back to help.