Salma Hayek Shares Pictures From Her Acupuncture Session: In The Happiness Of Hitting 12 Million Followers On Instagram

Pretty active on Instagram, the 53-year-old actress, Salma Hayek, recently hit 12 million followers on her Instagram and leave no chance to share this moment with her fans.

She shared her acupuncture treatment picture on her Instagram profile for her die-hard fans. In the picture, she is seen lying naked on the white sheet, exposing her side-angle and flaunting her curves with needles inserted on her back.

Followed by the caption in which she thanked her Instagram followers for their constant love and support. ‘A needle for health and well-being, representing each million of you.’ She also thanked in her native tongue, Spanish.

The Oscar-nominated actress always shares her inside-life-pictures with fans, either it is her vacation or throwback pictures or hilarious past interviews. Earlier this year, also she shared her steamy picture with her fans, wearing a turquoise bikini while celebrating her happy 53.

Married to Francois-Henri Pinault, since 2009, a French businessman and CEO of PBR, the bold actress never shied away from speaking about political issues, and fully use social media platforms to voice the savagery around the world. She also donated millions of dollars for many causes.

She will be seen in the upcoming, Chloe Zhao The Eternals, which is an adventure movie scheduled to release in late 2020. And will also appear in Like A Boss, Miguel Arteta comedy film, which is going to release on January 10, 2020.