Ryan Reynolds Made A Heartfelt Gesture For An Ardent Fan Of Deadpool! Check out how he won the heart of the fan.

It seems like Ryan Reynolds again won our hearts as he did something so heartfelt for a fan that it would really make your day!


Ryan Reynolds Did Something Extremely Heartfelt For One Of His Fan.

The actor seemed to have been a hit as the popular Marvel superhero Deadpool and it seems like both the reel and real-life person never fails to amaze his fans. Recently, a Tennessee college student Johnny Quinn dressed up as Deadpool and it seems like it surely caught Ryan Reynolds’ attention.


Quinn, who is also a burn survivor wrote in the caption why he chose to dress up as Deadpool and why he went on without the mask. Quinn further says that how Deadpool’s character inspires him for the beer and how the character, despite having an exceptional face and physique carries it with confidence. The student also did a perfect split for the picture. He describes Deadpool as icy clean and the character has helped with his self esteem as well. Here’s the picture of him in the Deadpool costume.


The Actor Used His Signature Humor And Commented On A Fan’s Picture.

Ryan Reynolds who portrayed the role of Deadpool on-screen also took notice and commented saying how the post made his day and it totally made his year. The actor also.dis not forget to make one of his signature comments filled with humor. The fan has uploaded several pictures of him in the Deadpool costume on social media.



The actor further said that even he can do a split, that also once every year, given it is in the lobby of a hospital. Well, we cannot miss a classic Ryan Reynolds joke!