Royalty Brown Has Got Right Amount Of Diva Style Be It Make Up Or Posing!!

Royalty Brown and her make up video with professional makeup artist JC Camarillo have captured millions of views yesterday on Instagram. The new video uploaded on Oct 9th. Royalty was seeing putting make up on JC’s eyes and cheeks as a skilled makeup artist. The confidence flowing in the Lil Diva was unmatchable. She managed the perfect strokes with the right amount of blends. The video received a lot of positive comments. Few found Royalty adorable, and others just laughed with affection seeing her video.

Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty, is just five years old and has been in the news since she is born. He regularly updates cute videos of his daughter on his Instagram account. Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman, 36, also has her daughter’s beautifully captured fun videos on her pages.

On Oct 3rd, Chris shared a sweet video of his darling daughter posing on the red carpet at Calabasas, CA, for the premiere of ‘Night Of The Jack.’ She looked all-natural while getting captured on camera. With a sweet, charming smile, she faced the camera and even held up a peace sign at one point.

The hip hop singer later uploaded the video and captioned it with a loving message🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️A PROFESSIONAL KINDERGARTEN STUDENT. Five and live,”

After seeing the makeup video, everyone has got one question in their mind. Is She going to be a future makeup artist? 

Well, we don’t know what future holds for Royalty, but it seems she has already decided her path and way up to the top. She is media-friendly and has become a media favorite. We hope to see more of such cute videos of this fun-loving and confident girl.