Brooke Nevil slammed Matt Lauer’s open letter denying her allegations. Megyn Kelly defends her too!!

NBC producer Brooke Nevil criticized Matt Lauer’s 1400 word open letter. Brooke accused Matt of anal rape, but in the letter, Matt denied the allegations saying that it was consensual. She recently released a statement calling Lauer’s letter a case study for victim shaming. Brooke said, on the one hand, there is a Matt Lauer, and several Americans watched him on TV every morning for 20 years; And on the other hand, there’s a Matt Lauer who tried to bully his former colleague. Brooke added that she wasn’t afraid of his bullying and shaming tactics, and she already saw it coming.

Nevils came to Twitter to thank all the survivors who shared their stories with her and supported her. She said it takes courage to express, and she’s grateful they did. Nevils claimed she was in Russia for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, where Matt anally raped her. In 2017, she reported the case of sexual assault, and NBC fired Matt. Back then, Brooke didn’t want her name to come up. But things changed. She is ready to stand up for herself.

In Ronan Farrow’s new book “Catch and Kill,” Nevils is speaking up to share more details of the rape incident. She said Matt had a wife at that time, and he pushed her onto the bed to have sex with her. She said they were out drinking in Sochi before that night, and he did that despite her refusal. He was in boxers and a t-shirt, and she wept because it hurt. In the open letter by Lauer, he went into graphic detail about the incident and said she was willing to do it with him.

Lauer agreed to have an extramarital affair with Brooke in 2014. He said they engaged in different sexual acts and that it was completely consensual. He added that she lied about crying and was a willing partner. Lauer denied assaulting or forcing anyone to have sex with him. But, NBC network revealed that after they fired Matt, at least four other women stepped forward with allegations of sexual assault against him.

Ronan Farrow wrote a detailed description of Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct in his book. Lauer apparently even congratulated Farrow after he broke the story of Harvey. Farrow congratulated Megyn Kelly on her show at a gala and apologized for calling her tweet racist. She said she made many mistakes when she was at his point in her career. Megyn also called him a rookie reporter and congratulated his reporting.