Ronda Rousey took a longer break from WWE than expected. What was the shocking reason behind it?

Once won the Raw Women’s title, Ronda Rousey was a former WWE UFC legend. She not only amazed her audiences with her professional attire but also with her style at fighting that remains in the hearts of the fans. She was not only a star for them but also a legend in the back of their minds. Her career went smoothly for a long time, until one day in 2019 when she decided to leave her career and end the long journey.

It’s been more than a year and she is yet not back to work. This delay at her return makes her chances bleak for a full-fledged career or the same full-time career that she had until she left the activity. She is yet remembered by her fans who miss her style of fighting and want her back. However, what is the chances for that to happen?

What was the reason for her leaving WWE?

Who likes failures? No one does. It is one of the worst feelings one can ever get. However, failure after a long-lived success hits differently. Ronda Rousey who is described above had defeated Triple H and many more. Her career kicked off with a positive note when she defeated her opponent and established her first win.

That was one among many victors that followed in a trail. Not until she lost at Wrestlemania 35 when she was booed by the public that once supported her. Her defeat was taken too seriously by her and she ended up taking a break after that defeat, except that, was not a short duration as she took a much longer than precedented break and hasn’t returned since then. 

When is she planning to make a full-time comeback?

A comeback of nearly 200 days a year is something that has no chance to happen in her career anymore. She made it clear to the press that she will not return on a full-time return to her career. This is not only a disheartening moment or news for the fans but also something that they can learn from. Failures come in everyone’s lives, don’t pull them so down that they can never rise again.