Sony Pictures Are Eager To Start Filming For Spiderman 3 From September Onwards!

After whatever happened in the last Spiderman movie, fans are eagerly waiting for the next Spiderman movie. Now with Peter Parker’s real identity out in front of everyone, this new film will be dramatic!

Spiderman 3 Shooting Might Start From September Onwards!

The release date of the upcoming movie has been pushed back for a November release. However, Sony Pictures do not want to waste any more time and is reportedly all set to start filming from September onwards.

Tom Holland, the lead star of the film is already working in another Sony film and will jump right into the Spiderman movie after this one. However, nothing is still official yet but the studio sure wants to start shooting as soon as possible.

Kraven The Hunter Is Already On The Loose To Look Out For Peter Parker!

The webbed wonder is in serious trouble after Mysterio slyly framed him for his murder and fans are expecting that Peter Parker might be on the run to save himself from the false allegations. Moreover, his troubles will be doubled as Kraven the Hunter is on the go and is looking for Spiderman as well. Moreover,  Tom Holland might be a part of yet another Sony Pictures movie as well.

Moreover, what fans are assuming is Mysterio is pulling some strings and might not be dead after all! This will surely make things worse for Peter Parker. Moreover, Tom Holland is expected to make a cameo in upcoming Venom 2 movie as well. Are the two going to team up for the next big fight? We will get the answer and we hope that the team up happens in the next Spiderman movie as well.