Jada Smith has something more to add about her relationship with August. Why was Will Smith a part of the story?

What happens when you get separated from your loved ones? Life seems no worse than death. Any couples are made and separated all at the same time worldwide. Not everyone handles those situations well. some people come out strong while some stay weak and reluctant to accept the fate that comes to their ways. Many couples from the film industry have experienced such things in the past and many continue to face it even now.


Ideals couple exist until the spur of misunderstanding ignites between them and things start falling apart from their settled lives. To cut the chase short, one such famous experience has been with Will Smith who was broken after her separation with Jada Pinkett. He claimed to have shaken after his breakup happened. His life was butchered and nothing seemed as good as it did when he was in a relationship with her. 

What happened recently in his life?

Not until he had established himself as free from the trauma that he had to face in the duration that followed his separation, there was a piece of news floating in the media and among the fans that Will Smith had blessed his ex and her current partner, August Alsina after they were in a relationship.


If true, it would have been a tough moment for not only him but also Jada to overcome. However, Jada had neglected the above claim made. The truth stays with the two and they know whether that truly happened. Fans were amazed to see him having moved on, although tough for them to believe in.


Will Smith had the worst moments of his life when he got separated from Jada. The real reasons behind the clash and him wishing/not wishing to remain with them. All that the fans can now see is that Jada is happy with her current partner, August.