Ridley Scott To Executive Produce Live Action Series Blade Runner 2099

Blade Runner 2099 live action tv series gets the original director Ridley Scott

The sci-fi franchise Blade Runner gets a live action tv series to be coming under Amazon studios soon. Certainly, the movies of the sci-fi franchise had an amazing storyline and is currently coming up with lot new changes as tv series. Ridley Scott, the director behind the 1982 Blade Runner movie too has some role to play with the tv series.

Ridley Scott joins as the executive producer for the live action series

Ridley Scott

The 1982 film Blade Runner had a good performance at the box office following which a sequel came up later. However, the sequel movie Blade Runner 2049 was not directed by Ridley Scott but had Denis Villeneuve as the director. Moreover, Ryan Gosling was in the movie that released back in the year 2017.

Not to forget, the tv series Blade Runner 2099 is going to be a live action series coming under the Amazon Studios. Also, the tv series is not a loose story rather it would serve as the sequel to the previous Blade Runner films.

Live action tv series to be set 50 years ahead to the Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner
Warner Bros

With Ridley Scott as the executive producer and Silka Luisa as the writer the live action series would be having Silka as the executive producer too. Moreover, though the exact plot of the tv series isn’t known, we are to have the live action series set 50 years ahead in timeline to the Blade Runner 2049 film.

Amazon Studios on the other hand has already begun the production of the series and we might get some more updates on it soon. Not to miss, the franchise Blade Runner has its way in the anime world too as Crunchyroll and Adult Swim has Blade Runner: Black Lotus to watch too.