Netflix Drops the First Look of Russian Dolls’ Season 2

“Russian Dolls” S2 First Looks

After a really successful and well received season 1, “Russian Dolls” is back. The new season will drop this spring. Fans are very anticipated for this upcoming season. Netflix dropped a bunch of first looks for the upcoming season on Friday.

The first season ended with Nadia and Alan finding each other at the end. However, things are not that happy. Nadia does not remember Alan and Alan is suicidal. Natasha Lyonne, directed and wrote the season finale titled “Ariadne” and the audience and the critics appreciated the episode as well.

Netflix Drops Russian Dolls" S2 First Looks

Season 1 Recap

“Russian Doll” is a comedy- drama series following Nadia, a woman trapped in a time loop. She dies continually and restarts at the same moment. During this process, she finds a man named Alan, going through the same thing. The show premiered in 2019, on February 1. The show received 4 Emmy nominations back in 2019.

The Netflix series stars Emmy-nominated actress Natasha Lyonne, Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez, Charlie Barnett, Elizabeth Ashley. Lyonne also directed the series along with Leslye Headland and Jamie Babbit. The creators of the show include Lyonne, Headland and “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Pohler.

Netflix Drops Russian Dolls" S2 First Looks

What Can We Expect From S2?

The second season might prove to be a little worse for Nadia and Alan. Moreover, the upcoming season is set 4 years into the future, after the duo escaped the loop. The showrunner Lyonne revealed that the whole team pushed themselves to the limit. In addition to the season 1 cast Annie Murphy will also join the team as Nadia’s ally.

Lyon, Headland, Pohler serve as executive producers along with Dave Becky, Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns and Alice Silverman. Kate Arend, John Skidmore and Ryan McCormick produced the show.

The season 2 announcement and the first looks have got the fans really excited and waiting eagerly.