‘Only Murders In The Building’ to star Michael Rapaport as Detective Kreps

Michael Rapaport In ‘Only Murders In The Building’ 

Hulu‘s Comedy Series ‘Only Murders In The Building’ casts Michael Rapaport as Detective Kreps. He is a police detective who will investigate the murder case shown in the Season 1 finale. Moreover, the comedic murder-mystery series takes viewer on a tangled trip with turns and twists, yet not leaving comedy and mystery behind.

With Glimpses of clues, he will take the case into a new chapter. Furthermore, the first season runs on unveiling bitter truths behind crime and murders with funny clips. The second season will stretch the story of investigation from part one.

‘Only Murders In The Building’ 
CREDIT – onlymurdershulu

Gist of ‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 1

Steve Martin and John Hoffman’s second season is still under wraps. However, the season is believed to be the sequel of first one. In addition, Michael Rapaport as Detective Kreps will take over the investigation digging the ashes to discover the truth. Furthermore, the whole last episode of season one covered with clues like Gomez’s character in blood which convey that she “didn’t do it” will give rise new suspects and new turns.

‘Only Murders In The Building’ 
CREDIT – onlymurdershulu

‘Only Murders In The Building’ first season with ten episodes revolves around three strangers. They shares passion with investing and podcasting true crimes. However, due to their intense interest in this field, they found themselves entangled in one so-called suicide case. Though the police have concluded it as suicide, but they find it fishy. Therefore, the trio decides to get to the root of the matter.

They start investing around their exclusive Upper West Side apartment building to reveal truth behind the suspicious death. In accordance with the story, they drilled into the truth and unwrap many deep-rooted secrets in their journey to reach the real truth and murder. The most thrilling part of this comedy series is the bending point when the trio even find each other in dilemma and suspect lists.


Steve Martin, Martin Short and incredible singer Selena Gomez will lead the cast. Along with, many acclaimed actors like Amy Ryan, Cara Delevingne, Amy Schumer, Nathan Lane, Aaron Dominguez and Shirley MacLaine shaping the whole team. Moreover, movie will be produced under 20th Television.

Martin and John Hoffman will simultaneously create, screen-write and executive produce the series ‘Only Murders In The Building’. Besides, ‘This is Us’ creator Dan Fogelman, Short, Gomez and Jess Rosenthal will also serve as executive producers. In addition, 20th Television, Rhode Island Ave. Productions; Another Hoffman Story Productions; 40 Share Productions will take the charge of production.