Review of DC’s Superman action comics. Check it out!

The DC comics had an addition to their long-time running comics – “the action comics “.The new comics are all set to reveal the first interaction of superman with the world, where it all began. Superman has always been one of the strongest and fearless characters in the comics and is loved by everyone. Now everyone can get to know how superman became what he is now.  Sounds really interesting!

In the comics, the superman is no longer shown as the fierce mighty fighter. Instead, the writers take us to the origin of superman when he was just a normal guy. A normal simple person who got superpowers from the sun. And he doesn’t even really know what are the things he is capable of! Things that can change the world, save the world! They take us to the time when superman struggles to keep a balance between his normal life and his heroic life.

Review of DC's Superman action comics. Check it out! 5

The artwork of the comics is as good as the previous ones, even more fantastic! We get to see our superman in a normal dress like us. A lot of effort on the side characters has also been put to make the comics more interesting. A lot of new stuff has been introduced to the comics which might or might not appeal to the readers.

Superman’s character has been in the comics for a long time. And many readers have become bored with the repetitive concept. So this is a fresh piece of work for all those readers. They get to know the roots of superman, a guy from another planet. They get to see a young superman, a fresh and lively faced superman instead of the old experienced superman.

Review of DC's Superman action comics. Check it out! 6

The comic is all set to take us back to the times when superman didn’t even know how to fly! This new superman has been created by Grant Morrison who has great experience in writing superman comics. So compiling all, this is a must-read for all the DC fans!