Empire Season 6: The Unsolved Plot Left Fans Disappointed- Review

Empire is a family drama series which is available to watch on Disney and Hotstar. It has a total of 6 seasons with 18 episodes each. The show is created by twentieth Century Fox Television, in relationship with Imagine Entertainment, Lee Daniels Entertainment, Danny Strong Productions, and Little Chicken Inc. The showrunners for this season are Mahoney, Danny Strong, and Lee Daniels.

Picture: et20

The 6th season is the last season released right now but got finished soon because of the rising pandemic situation.

The season left the fans unanswered with a lot of mysteries for which fans are waiting if season 7 will come soon. Talking about season 6’s reviews, the audience did not like it much. They found the story pointless and were confused throughout the show.

However, the season was supposed to have 20 episodes this time and would be the concluding season, but due to the rise of Coronavirus, the stars were able to do only 18 episodes, which left the audience unhappy with the plot and unsolved mystery.

Picture: TVline

Fans are not much satisfied with even 1 episode from the series, however, it is worth once to watch if you are an Empire fan. Most of the audience said that they were not satisfied with the narrative story this season; it could have been better.

They even said, if the fans remain in doubt about the ending, the whole of 6 seasons is going to be a waste.

In short, season 6 did not receive as much love and importance it was expecting, it has been doing pretty well from the past five seasons, but season 6 did not do much well. For more than half of the audience, it was a flop season because they did not understand the ending as it remained uncompleted.