Did You Check Out Doja Cat’s New Song with Nicki Minaj? If Not, then Check it Fast.

Doja Cat, which is one of the most famous American singer and rapper has released a remix for her song “Say So” with Nicki Minaj. However, the older version of it was released in her song ”hot pink” in 2019.

Nothing can be great then seeing both of the great superstars perform together. However, it has featured Nicki more.

Doja cat said on her Instagram that even if you cannot dance to this song in clubs right now, you can surely dance to its tunes at your home.

She declared this song is just a remix, the original version of the song is in the “HOT PINK ” album, which released last year. The song hot pink just got a new direction and more love.

It is exciting to see the most famous singers perform together in one frame and bring out one song, isn’t it?

The hashtag #SaySoRMX was slanting high for quite a long time after the discharge of the song, as isolated devotees of the hip-bounce craftsmen tuned in and pigged out themselves of the new tune.

The new remix is receiving so much love, and the fans are totally loving it! of course, in such times of pandemic, who wouldn’t want to listen to such an amazing remix by these two?

                                                         pic credits-vibe

The fans say that they have collaborated a few times, but this time the remix was on fire! The song can be heard on YouTube, and their respective social media handles as well!

So go on tune into it, and dance to its beats and enjoy your quarantine! Right now, if the whole world requests two to drop more songs together during this crucial time, I am sure they will!