Read to find out why People are blasting Nicki Minaj after she dissed Rosa Parks in new song “”Yikes”‘. What did Nicki exactly sing?

Nicki Minaj, an American rapper and singer launched her new song ‘Yikes’ on Monday.  This song is facing criticism from the public, some of them are loving it while some are pumped up to hear her new track. The reason coming for the criticism is that some lines of her songs are addressing to late civil rights activist Rosa Parks in a disrespectful manner.

Especially this song is released in the month of February which is considered to be as Black History month and also the song was released on 4th February which marks the 107th Birthday of Rosa Parks. Although many people were criticising the artist while the other few who believe that the lyrics were actually trying to say that people should come forward to fight for their beliefs like Rosa did.

A user on Twitter tweets about the song, he says “I hope Nicki Minaj should take that line out of her song. This is very disrespectful”. “Nothing funny about a black woman being told to get up and move to the back of the bus and it’s black history month. Some s–t you just don’t say. That was a defining moment in our history.”

Another user on Twitter has asked to not to add activist like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman in any of the songs, further he added that they have fought a good fight  and now let them Rest in Peace.

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Nicki hasn’t responded to any of the comment yet, but we all know that Nicki is not the one who will not react to these little controversies. We cannot forget the controversy with her and Wendy Williams where Wendy made a public comment about Minaj’s husband in her daytime chat show.

In this situation Nikki has to take decision that whether she should remove the lines from her song or keep it.