Looks like Cecily is going out of SNL, Hope she remains strong in her future projects.

SNL lovers Here’s a big blow coming to your way as one of the longest-serving cast member, Cecily Strong, is going to be a part of a new Apple TV+ musical or comedy series.

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Wasn’t tooootally feeling Christmas this year for various reasons (nothing big so I can nip in any unnecessary sympathy in the bud early ❤️). But then I got to California and saw friends and dogs and good food and I still have more people I love that I get to see soon (Sam! Nnamdi! Marketta! Nick!) and that’s delightful. I’ve had a wonderful first half of work, loving the people I work with more and more so deep down with my whole soul. if that were even possible! It’s really a special group. although getting up there in years on the show will always start to feel melancholy so I’m glad I have the friends and agents and family (and some are all three to me in my heart) to help me keep my chin up and stay excited and never get stuck in the swamp of sadness with Atreyu’s horse. Happy Christmas and all the holidays and I hope if you had the sads this year you also found times to have the happy’s. *there are a million pictures of things and people I love missing from this little assortment, so please accept Jennifer Hudson in Cats as a placeholder*

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It’s been announced that the writers of the “Despicable Me” franchise are going to set a new comedy or musical series on Apple TV+. The drama is going to be in a fictional world of the 1940s and acts like as they are in a Hollywood classic where one can only leave after being able to find ‘True love’.

The title is not clear and so does the release date, in addition to that there is no teaser for the upcoming series. It’s pretty unpredictable but it seems that the show-makers will soon let the viewers know about that.

Strong has appeared in a number of movies although the roles were small but enough to showcase her potential like “Scream Queens”, “The Boss”, “The Ghostbusters” and many more. There is no certainty of her absence as Bryant is doing both and Kenan is also going to have his own show “The Kenan Show” yet he is not going to stop from being a member of SNL.

So, there is a chance of Strong remain as a cast member of SNL. The 35-year-old took it to Instagram to share her joy and her success and with that, she also stated on Instagram that “It’s great to have such awesome friends and thanks to all my well-wishers for posting such great things”.

With that Apple TV+ has recently become a huge thing after releasing “The Morning Show” by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston and with other great shows. Apple TV+ is simply on fire!!