Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader SPLIT UP!!! Just after dating for less than a year? Check it out.

Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader had their first date I December 2019 at a café. That was the first time they were suspected of dating. The next month they made a debut at the red carpet formally as a couple at the Golden Globes Award show.


Having maintained a secretive relationship, their fans knew something more than they were conveying to them. they knew the two were involved in a serious relationship that seemed unbreakable initially. However, the sad piece of news was not many months away. The piece of news about them breaking up and moving on their respective paths.

An insight into their lives


Bilson is a mother to a daughter named Briar Rose who she had with her ex Hayden Christensen. Having dated Nick Viall before that. However, now the two have broken up and have decided to maintain a secretive story in the future. The two don’t share much information about their love life and try to stick to professional work instead. Once used to be the most admired couple in Hollywood has now shocked the public by narrowing down to a breakup.


Not a piece of news any fan would want to hear. What was upsetting the most was the short, yet a wholesome journey that the two shared. It was a relationship of less than a year. The two seemed to have made brilliant chemistry in the shows and movies that they have done together, however, to everyone’s shock comes the heartbreaking news about their split.


Not a good time for breakups to happen, quarantine is the best moment for the loved ones to be spending time with their close ones due to the less pressure of work that they have. However, at such a time one of the best couples has decided to move their respective ways. Not a good thing we were looking forward to.