Jada Pinkett Smith discussed her relationship with August Alsina with her husband Will Smith on Red Table Talks before separation???

Will and Jada Smith have not left any opportunity to go away from the limelight and the vision of the audiences. The couple has had many ups and downs in their journey thus far. It was not one but several things that contributed to their separation. Be it the beef that Will Smith was in with a rapper who called him a man who was playing with his wife’s emotions and added on to the same by saying that his wife, Jada deserved much better than him. Will has dated several women before and never got married to any of them. 


What is the recent update on their relationship?

Will and Jada decided to separate over unreconcilable differences. Jada was accused by Will of being in a relationship with August Alsina after he openly declared the same and Jada, as an obvious response was denying it. Not much into that did the truth come out regarding their love story.


Recently, after Jada and Will decided to separate from each other, the former confessed her love for August which arose in a higher propensity after the two had separated and moved on with their lives. Things functioned well until August started expressing his love towards Jada and telling the media how much the two were fond for each other.


The constant comments made by him upset the relation that Jada and Will shared in their married life. Not much that Will could do about it, he decided to only deny that and regretted in silence the fact that he was the one to have introduced the two and now they were engaging in acts that were devastating to him. Many months of denial and confessions went by until they finally decided to leave each other and move onto their new lives. The two are now having a better chance of staying together.