Popular You Tuber Jenna Marbles is Permanently quitting YouTube due to her previous negative videos.

Jenna Mourey, popularly known as Jenna Marbles is a popular YouTube star who was seen making several videos and posting them online. Aged 33, she has touched the sky of success at a young age. With over 20 million subscribers, she has been famous worldwide for her videos.


People look up to these stars to get some time of happiness and fun. However, what if these sources of media turn out toxic to the public which was meant to give some time of amusement to them? recently, she was convicted of the same by her fans. She had to apologize for the sensitive videos that she had made in the past in an 11-minute long video.


Why did she take such a step?

The vlogger had to take a step like that to introspect as she had been a bad person in the past as she quoted. If even a tinge of toxicity flows through her actions, she would be hurt as she is now. She has taken the first step by deleting all her past videos. She had expressed in her video how she grew out of her past videos when she compares them with the videos that she made at present. However, what goes unnoticed is that she happens to offend people knowingly or unknowingly. 


One such example was her 2011 video where she imitated Nicki Minaj which was private for a short time, but in the longer duration, it was viewed by everyone worldwide. She showed instances of racism in that video. She called that act as unintended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. This was one of those few cases that have been mentioned. However, if she feels her acts had a wrong impact on society, then good.


She apologized publicly for the same and has set standards for others who plan to or have in the past done such acts to ensure that doesn’t happen in the future intentionally or unintentionally. The west is struggling to remove white supremacy as a concept from their maps as well as history and seems like the celebrities, influential people have taken up their roles at hand too.