Dead To Me season 3: the series with a heart-winning storyline! Check out exclusive updates on the upcoming season.

Dark movies and TV series have attention from the world around them. The fact that they carry an essence in them is nerve-wracking. Although not meant for people from all the age groups, comedy dark movies and series is a combination that every fan needs. One among them, with the required combination, is the TV series Dead To Me. The series which has released 2 seasons already is going to be out with the third one soon. The series debut in 2019 and the second in 2020.

What will the plot of the series be?

The series has a unique fan base, the plot of it explains that well. The plot revolves around two ladies who are poles apart in their natures. Indeed, the well-heard fact that opposites attract is something that this series shows as well. The ladies are contrasting in nature, with one of them positive named Judy and the other negative, named Jen. The two make sure to provide a safe space for each other.

The course of the series continues with Judy confusing Steve’s execution by Jen in the shadows of self-protection. The thinking that they develop got them into a reconciliation that they would be hiding the demise only to keep Jen out of prison. A thriller story, isn’t it? What’s better is the screenplay and the acting that the characters have put in to give their roles a realistic appearance.

However, the first season showed us how the two could escape with the help of truth and not lies. The story witnesses the appearance of another character which is seen having the characters for Ben, who is Steve’s twin sibling, Michelle, who is Judy’s sweetheart and her mom in the end. The character is seen as having the right blend for the role that he played.