Popular K- Pop Band BTS is All Set To Come On The Jimmy Fallon Show! But when? Read to know details.

It seems like we have yet another special reason to watch The Jimmy Fallon Show. A very popular and interesting group of people are soon going to come for a guest appearance on the talk show! Who these people are? Well, let’s find that out.

BTS Will Come For A Guest Appearance In The Jimmy Fallon Show!

Well, believe it or not, but the popular loop band BTS is going to appear for a guest appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. The talk show host jas asked viewers to send in the interesting questions they want to ask the band.

He is asking to use the hashtag #FallonAsksBTS, which has been top-trending on Twitter with a flood of questions pouring in by fans. Their fans are collectively known as the Army. The questions are all ranging from fans asking when will BTS visit their countries or other question like their upcoming project named Map of the Soul:7 and any probable future collaborations.

Fans Are All Set With Loads Of Interesting Questions That Might Be Fun To Watch!

However, fans did not only ask questions related to albums or collaborations. They also posted some personal questions that included pet peeves, wishes, fears, and second chances as well. When we can assume that the episode is going to be entertaining with all these questions pouring in.

With Jimmy’s fun antics and BTS being there, it is going to be a hell of a riot and fans sure won’t miss that. The band has made their appearance on several talk shows including Ellen’s show as well. The band might be opening up about their future plans as well. Well, let’s wait for the episode.