The Sweet Friendship Between Taylor Swift and Blake Lively is Something Fans Can’t Get Enough Of.

By 6 months ago

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift have been friends for quite some time now. Being in the spotlight for so many years gives them a special experience to bond over. Their warm friendship is something that fans can’t get enough of.

The actress and the singer have celebrated a lot of festivities together. Most notably, Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds were seen together attending the pop star’s 30th birthday recently. In previous years they have also been in attendance of Swift’s Fourth of July parties.

I need more Taylor.”

Recently Lively in a promotional video for her new film ‘The Rhythm Section’ chose Taylor Swift over other notable celebrities in a quiz. She said, “I gotta go with Taylor. Come on. The world needs more Taylor. I need more Taylor.”

In one of her songs of the album Reputation, Swift included the voice of James, Blake Lively’s eldest daughter. The song, which is Gorgeous, starts with a child’s voice saying the title of the song. It was speculated to be James’s voice and then confirmed later in the album’s notes. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon Lively mentioned that Swift and her daughter James are “buddies”. This proves how close both of them are and how much welcomed Swift is in her family.

Lively and Swift in photos together

If one looks for the friends’ photos they won’t find many. Blake Lively removed most of her photos from her Instagram account. There was no personal grudge or vendetta behind this. Lively removed the posts to make space for promoting her movies. As for Swift, she also posts her promotional content and the usual adorable cat photos. She always makes sure to show the world her love for her people and her fans.

With time their friendship is blossoming, and it’s a joy for all of us to witness.

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