Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Has Reportedly Joined Him and Demi Moore in Quarantine: It’s ‘One Happy Family Now’

Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis and their two kids have flown to Idaho to join him and former wife Demi Moore in quarantine. 

Bruce Willis has reunited with wife Emma Heming Willis as she joined him and his ex-wife Demi Moore and will be quarantining together henceforth.

Willis had socially distanced with ex Demi Moore and their three daughters after reports of the coronavirus pandemic started coming in. And recently his wife Emma and their two daughters Evelyn Penn, six and Mabel Rat, 8 joined them to celebrate the youngest one’s birthday this Tuesday.

PEOPLE has reported that everyone is now staying at the Hailey, Idaho home where Bruce used to stay with Demi while they were married, and the place where they had raised their three daughters, Scout, Rumer and Tallulah.

A Quarantine Birthday 

The source who reported to PEOPLE says that they are all celebrating the birthday of Bruce’s youngest daughter. They also mentioned that Emma is good friends with her husband’s ex and have holidayed together many times in the past.

Aside from the family, Bruce’s daughters Scout and Tallulah’s boyfriends are also staying with them, and other close family friends are also staying with them. It’s good to see them all staying together as one big happy family.

Emma shared photos of the family having a good old time while celebrating her daughter’s birthday. Scout explained that one of her sisters had stepped on a needle while they were at a park in Los Angeles, and they had to wait until her foot had healed. Afterward, the lockdown happened, and travel became impossible for the family. Finally, the travel restrictions have been lifted in certain places, and people are finally able to move around a little.

The family will be together for the rest of the quarantine period.