Pitch Perfect Series: Adam DeVine Gives Update on the Upcoming Peacock Show

The spin-off will focus on DeVine’s character Bumper Allen

Adam DeVine, who played the cunning, occasionally evil, occasionally loving Bumper Allen in the Pitch Perfect series, is returning as the character in his own solo spin-off show.

In an interview with Collider for promoting the upcoming season 2 of Danny McBride’s The Righteous Gemstones, the actor spoke about what to expect.

A complete surprise

Adam DeVine

DeVine started off by speaking about how the franchise and his villainous character became such a big hit since the first movie released in 2012. The first movie was so successful that it got a second and third part in 2015 and 2017 respectively. DeVine’s character didn’t appear since Pitch Perfect 2, but obviously Peacock, who is reviving the franchise, wants more from him. He said that he loved playing the cartoonishly evil character who is a practical joker and always caused trouble for the lead group, The Barden Bellas, until he and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) fell in love.

Adam DeVine is already busy working on the show with the creators, and scripts are still coming out. He will soon be heading off to Germany where filming is about to start.

The story

Rebel and Adam

Not much is known, except that the story takes place several years after the original trilogy. We see Bumper in Germany trying to revive his career when one of his songs becomes a surprise hit in Berlin. Adam DeVine says that he’s excited to see Bumper grow as he was just a one-dimensional maniac in the movies, who is sometimes too intense about his singing and dancing for his own good. He is excited to be working alongside Megan Amram, who was a producer on sitcoms like The Good Place and Parks and Rec.

Adam DeVine will also be on board as an executive producer alongside Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman for Brownstone Productions, and Scott Neimeyer and Paul Brooks for Gold Circle Films. All of them had been part of the movies.