‘Gold’ Movie Trailer Shows Zac Efron’s Fight to Survive in the Middle of the Australian Desert!

How far will you go for gold?

Zac Efron has appeared in the most gruelling avatar yet, with the Stan (Australian streaming service) Original survival thriller Gold. The first trailer is out, and all who have watched it are amazed at the actor’s range and appearance as the trailer progresses.

The story

Madman Entertainment

The movie is co-written and directed by Australian director and actor Anthony Hayes. The other co-writer is Polly Smith. The story is about two drifters, played by Zac Efron and Hayes, who strike gold (literally) in the middle of the Australian desert. But the nugget was so big that they were unable to unearth it with their hands. This leaves with Hayes’ character heading off to get an excavator and other equipment to get it out, while Zac Efron’s character stayed behind to guard it. He is now alone against every possible danger that the desert has to offer.

As the trailer progresses, we see Zac Efron’s character getting more and more ragged, with his face and body caked with dirt, and his mental state weakening. At one point, he starts experiencing hallucinations, faces hyenas, and heavy sandstorms. All this while the scorching sun glared from above. The movies goes to show how far one man will let his greed drive him, while also battling the suspicion that he has been left to fend for himself by his partner.

Production team

Zac Efron
Madman Entertainment

The movie was sold to Screen Media after a competitive battle among many studios and distributers. It was finally given to Madman Entertainment for distribution in Australia, while Altitude Film Sales handles international distribution.

Gold will release in Theatres in Australia on January 13, and will start streaming on Stan on January 26. International release dates are currently unknown.