Pitch Perfect: Bumpers in Berlin: Adam Devine is taking his ‘Pitch Perfect’ character Bumper abroad in the new trailer for Peacock’s Series

Pitch Perfect: Bumpers in Berlin- The Pitch Perfect spin-off series is here!

You may have heard “The Perfect Pitch”. So we introduce the Peacock Original spin-off. Another comedy series full of fun and adventure, Pitch Perfect: Bumpers in Berlin can be everything you want.

Set your timer for November 23rd and watch the trailer below until then.

Your favorite pitch-perfect character, Adam Devine, appears as the villain, and Bumper Allen from the first two installments of the hit franchise.


Pitch Perfect: Bumpers in Berlin starts with scene of few years later, when we last saw Bumper. He is struggling with his career and tries to polish his skill to fulfill is long dream of receiving a call from Pieter (Flula Borg) who happens to be the head singer from Germany’s Das Sound Machine. Moreover, Bumper’s a cappella TikTok goes viral, gains up to a million of views and leveling him up to popularity in Germany. Now, to be a world-famous singer he tries to do everything he could to make it to Berlin.

Updates from the trailer
Courtesy of NBCUniversal

Also, we might be watching a romantic twist when he reaches Germany and meets his new assistant Heidi (Sarah Hyland), along with rivalry Gisela (Jameela Jamil), a German pop artist.

Insights from the trailer shows that Gisela emerges to be powerful competitor as she flaunts her German accent and steals all the public attention with her nailing performance, whereas Bumper gets a little demotivated to which Heidi handles his fears and pushes her to work harder and perform with all his energy.

Elizabeth Banks is back to work again with Pitch Perfect and happens to executive produce on Bumper in Berlin. According to sources she claims to be inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki show. She talks about it and said,”They took a villain from Marvel and they gave him a television show, a whole backstory.” The idea of doing the same strike them and they did it with Adam Devine’s character, Bumper.