Peter Bogdanovich’s Last Project “LIT Project 2 Flux” to Posthumously Release!

NFT ‘LIT Project 2 Flux’ is Peter Bogdanovich’s last project

Peter Bogdanovich films are known worldwide. He has directed famous movies like The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon, They all Laughed etc. Peter had such a great passion for movie direction and he surely gave some of the best directions seen in Hollywood history. Unfortunately Peter passed away on January 6th, 2022.

According to one of his daughters, it was natural cause. But it seems, Peter was very enthusiastic and interested about NFTs and was certainly working on a project.

LIT Project 2 Flux
The Guardian

Peter Bogdanovich, who passed away on January 6 at age 82, had one very last innovative project that simply were given set for release. Weeks prior to his death, the disruptive filmmaker made LIT Project 2 Flux, which stars Kim Basinger in the first NFT collaboration among a great director and Oscar-winning actress created in particular and to be had best at the Ethereum blockchain.

New York Film Academy

Oren Segal who was the manager of the late Bogdanovixch said that the filmmaker grew very enthusiastic about the opportunities in NFT as a brand new medium. He added Basinger to Segal’s workplace 3 weeks ago, there he directed Basinger through some of emotions. Her emotional expressions changed in time with the motion of a token in the market, commenting at the manner we allow fluctuating outside activities create our inner reality, Segal said.


At this point, most of the NFTs only feature the artists who are making virtual moving images, Bogdanovich and Basinger desired to do some thing a little different and unique.

LIT Project 2 Flux has been scheduled for January 25 launch on that platform. Bodganovich collaborated and worked with LIT, a project at the Ethereum blockchain only made for pushing the limits of NFTs.