A Detailed Insight into the Support System of Iron-Man, ‘Pepper Potts’!

Pepper Potts, who started her role as being the assistant of Iron-man or Tony Stark as you may know. She was the helping hand for one of the greatest minds of the world. She kept every work of Stark organized and knew everything about him. Soon as time went, Stark fell in love with Pepper. Pepper then became CEO of the Stark industries. Although she is always stressed when it comes to Stark in difficult situations and fights. Stark is also equally conscious about Pepper’s safety; therefore, he also made her a personalized suit in case of emergency.

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How gradually Pepper became the helping hand of Tony?

In Iron-Man 3, movie Pepper is also seen helping Tony replacing the energy which is used to clean Arc Reactor Energy. This film had Mandarin as the villain. When Tony’s house was under attack, Pepper donned the Mark 42 when Tony uses computer chips in his arm to activate his suit. Mark 42 was soon for her use when Aldrich Killian kidnapped Pepper and was about to fuse her with some superhuman abilities. His plan was to turn her against Iron Man. This was where we thought we are doomed and have lost Pepper.

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Pepper survives Extremis, but before Stark can save her, a huge rig collapses around them, and she falls 200 feet deep. Killian is then about to attack defenseless Tony, but Pepper saves him again, taking the attack of the missile on her. The Mark VIII suit targets her, but in this situation of havoc, Tony tells JARVIS to destroy all the suits. Then they cure her of the attacked Extremis serum. At the end of the movie, Stark also throws his artificial heart intending never to be iron-man again.

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Spider-man movies finally have a scene where Stark finally proposes to Pepper for marriage. In “Avengers Endgame,” there is yet another superhero-like entry of all the MCU superwomen. It totally left let the audience screaming in excitement. This was another crucial time when we saw Pepper Potts wearing rescue armor, which was gifted to her on her anniversary by Tony himself.