Star Lord aka Peter Quill: The Game-changer in Infinity War is One of the Most Humorous characters of the Marvel Universe – A Review

Peter Quill also known as Star-Lord is the captain of the Guardians of the Galaxy team. He is an amazing person with a sassy sense of humor who is protecting the galaxy with all his teammates.

The Beginning of the Character: Peter Quill

Peter Quill is son of Ego who is a cosmic celestial person and Meredith Quill. Ego thought that Meredith will become a distraction to him and therefore he her to develop a brain tumor. He then leave her alone with their kid and leave the earth. Therefore, Peter lived with Meredith in Missouri until the time she passed away because of the tumor. Then, the 8 year boy was left all alone on Earth. He was soon invaded by aliens and the leader of Ravagers kidnapped Peter because he was paid by Ego to deliver the kid to him. But Yondu changed his mind and raised Peter as a Ravager instead.

As being a part of Ravagers Quill travels a lot of galaxies and has many enemies all around the universe. One of the greatest enemies of Quill happens out to be his own father “the Celestial” also known as Ego. It all started when Ego wanted to give his son his legacy but Quill rejected it and blamed him for his mother’s death and just like that it is a war.


So who are Guardians of Galaxy?

Thanos is also an old enemy of Quill, he also leaves Ravagers and since then he operates on his own. But then he meets a group of individuals who joins him and ever since then this team is known as “Guardians of Galaxy”. In the same team he happens to fell in love with Gamora. He has a love-hate relationship with her but till the end he develops strong feeling for her.

In the film “Avenger Endgame”, Peter screwed a lot and was thus this character of Marvel was literally faced trolling on every social media platform. However Chris Pratt also apologized on Instagram for his characters fault.

In the end of the movie we also saw Thor joining the team of Guardians of the Galaxy therefore now he can be the captain of the team instead of Quill. Since he is more stronger than Quill because of-course he is a god himself. But our Star-Lord is no less and we do expect more from the upcoming movies.