Paparazzi Found Out A Big Secret About Katie Holmes Rumoured Boyfriend! And we have it all here!

It seems like Katie Holmes’ new relationship might be a whole lot dramatic than expected. Paparazzi found out a big secret about her rumored boyfriend and it sure is shocking enough!

Katie Holmes’ Alleged Boyfriend Was Engaged Before He Was Spotted  With The Actress!

Actor Katie Holmes has been spotted with anew man in her life and was soon identified as New York City chef Emilio Vitolo. The two have been spotted on several occasions and let’s just say enough PDA was there as well!

However, that’s not all and it seems like chef Emilio Vitolo was engaged before he started dating Katie Holmes! He was formerly engaged to designer Rachel Emmons and moreover, this reports that they had some concrete wedding plans as well!

This Alleged Boyfriend Was Engaged To Designer Rachel Emmons.

A close insider has further revealed that the two used to live together as well and Vitolo broke up with her over a text! They even became dog parents and were all set to tie the knot with concrete wedding plans. This has surely made the current ongoing situation a bit too messy than expected.

Moreover, it is revealed that the breakup text was done after several media outlets released photos of Katie Holmes and her new man. We wonder how the actress will react to this sudden revelation amidst dating rumours. This unnamed friend of the designer has further called him a cheater saying that this is not going to be a happy ending. Rachel Emmons has to apparently make some big changes after she was crowded by paparazzi , all these changes are already difficult  for her along with this sudden breakup issue at hand.