Overlord season 4: What does Momonga’s future have in store? Check out everything you need to know.

Overload is one of the most known anime shows among the Anime lovers. The series got a lot of appreciation and love from the audience as well as the critics. The most attractive thing of the show was its futuristic narration. Season 3 of Overload released in october 2018. For all those who haven’t watched the third season should watch it before moving on to the fourth one.


Producer of the Isekai anime, Overload is done with the help of Madhouse studio. The studio is a reputed one after it developed a sequel of an arcade series. You need not to worry, as overlord’ is that show which saved the time of inhibition of it by the studio. Fan following of the show is continuously increasing with a great rate and this has made it a huge hit. And this has made the showmakers satisfied with their work.

Overload is an adaptation from a book that started serializing in 2010 on the internet. The serialization was done through an online novel website named Arcadia. Three successful seasons of the show are already available for the fans to enjoy. Each has thirteen episodes in it. And it is directed by director Naoyuki Itō.


Season 1 of the show aired on July 7 and ran till September 29, 2015. After that we got two compilation of anime films that recapped the story in the first year on 25th February, 2017 that released in Japan, and 11th March, 2017, respectively. The next season started on January 9 with the season 3 coming up on the television on 10th July, 2018. And lastly it concluded on 2nd October, 2018 with the last episode. Well, talking about the fourth season. There hasn’t been any updates yet. We’ll inform you as soon as there is an announcement.