Snoop Dogg and Tekashi 6ix9ine in yet another fight? What were the comments passed that made them clash once more?

By 2 weeks ago

Online beef is common since time immemorial. Everyone has likes and dislikes at work. Not everyone can be expected to be liked everyone else. What happens when this hatred takes an ugly face? When the two stars end up indulging in online fights by wither passing comments on each other or commenting on posts by the other only to show them down? The fight between Snoop Dogg and Tekashi 6ix9ine is not unknown to many who follow the two.

It all started off on an ugly note and hasn’t ben tolled since then. The latter commented on the former’s post with his wife that she deserved someone better, keeping in mind the past relationships of Snoop Dogg. Things were heated up from then and were looked up to for calming down. However, that didn’t happen as planned. The two are seen against each other and have openly indulged in fights with each other online and on other platforms.

What happened recently, what has heated up the relationship even more?

The two have indulges in yet another online beef which they always would indulge in. this time, the words that were directed were harsh and not appropriate as the ones previously.

Tekashi had directed Snoop as being a ‘snitch’ although it didn’t see his name, in particular, however, the comment was directed in a way that the audience knew who it was meant for. It started with him commenting that he was not the only snitch that he knew, there were more. This was added on when he said that he didn’t have the responsibility to specify who all were the ones who snitched and assured the same by saying that he was told about those when it started. Hence, making it clear and evident that he knew who they were.