Bojack horseman: Will season 7 ever arrive? Read to know the release, date, plot and everything you wanted to know.

By 2 weeks ago

Bojack Horseman, that is basically an American Adult Animated series has gained a really good popularity soon. Creator of the show is Raphael Bob Waksberg. Whereas, the one who give their voices to the characters are Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, and Aaron Paul.

The first season of the show came up on the screens on 22nd of August 2014. It has a total of six seasons with the first five being of around 12 episodes each and the sixth one is having sixteen episodes. This makes the total episodes of the series to 77.

The second part of the sixth season got premiered on 31st January, 2020. And since the time it has ended fans are in wait for the new episodes. This makes us wonder whether there will be a seventh season or not?

According to the reports, the series will end by the death of all the lead characters in it. However, we saw some of the characters dead but the main character that is Bojack Horseman survived. At the concluding scene he was seen inside the jail. Unfortunately, sixth season was the last season of the show. But the ending didn’t go well.

The show concluded on an unexpected note. And we are also aware that the after the first part of the sixth season released the show was cancelled. Reason for this is still unknown, but the creator in an interview told that the company came up with the idea to cancel the show.

He wished that he would have got a prior information about closing of the show so that he could give it a better ending. But now the conclusion has set a cliffhanger that is never going to pay off.

Thus, the seventh season may or may not happen. It’s all a big mystery now.