Onyx Equinox: Crunchyroll’s New Dark Anime is the Perfect fit Halloween

The trailer was released just in time for Halloween

Crunchyroll has released a new original that properly fits the Halloween mood, called Onyx Equinox. The show released its “dark” trailer two days ago and it was filled with monsters, blood, and humans getting their limbs torn off. Kind of like Netflix’s Castelvania. 

We see the protagonist Izel fighting for survival with the rest of his friends against gods and monsters that are attacking their Aztec-like world. Sofia Alexander, creator and showrunner of the series has announced that the show will have a proper adult story, be it in the action or in the themes that are discussed. We will be seeing Izel confront the darkness that is plaguing his world and the one within himself.

Story synopsis


The synopsis for Onyx Equinox is already available on Crunchyroll and it states: The gods have declared war on each other and Izel, an Aztec boy gets caught in between their struggle for power. For saving mankind, he will have to take on an impossible task, which is to close the five gates to the underworld. Though he was unwilling at first, he agrees after learning that it will correct a terrible tragedy. Throughout the series, we will see the hope and peril-filled journey of humanity’s chosen one. By the end, Izel is left thinking if humanity is truly worth saving or not.

The series joins the list of Crunchyroll originals after the currently airing Noblesse and the already-aired Tower of God, In/Spectre and The God of High School. 

Onyx Equinox will premier on November 21 and will be an exclusive of Crunchyroll. It’s dubs will include English, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, French, and German.