One Piece: The New Chapter Shocked Fans Beyond their Wits! You might not want to Miss this Out

Mangas are a recent craze for almost all the youths and children. And considering this, a lot of manga series are releasing now a days. One such new coming manga show is One Piece Chapter 993. Although it’s an old show but we are gonna get some new episodes of it really soon. So keep reading to find out about the release date, cast, plot of One Piece Chapter 993.

One Piece has been entertaining fans from a very long time and it is one of the most popular and successful manga series. However, it has been a huge gap since the previous chapter came and thus, the fans are going really impatient. But now no more waiting because we finally have the updates about it here.


Release date

Well, One Piece Chapter 993 has already released on 25th October 2020. So no more waiting grab your remote and enjoy binge watching the show. And the good news is that the 1000th chapter will also land in just a few weeks. English translation of the show has also been made available. And we will soon bring the release date for One Piece Chapter 1000 too once it is confirmed by the makers.


WARNING: Read only if you want to know the plot for One Piece chapter 993 before watching.

In the 993rd chapter we get to see that Okiku’s arm has been cut by Kaido. Meanwhile the king asks the flying Sixto to get Momonosuke in front of him. And Yamato protects Momonosuke when Sasaki finds him. Whereas, in the other part of the story we will get to know that the bullets that the Queen has been using were special. Now what happens in the further episodes is a complete surprise.