One of the Longest running Shows, ‘Shadowgun War Games’ has Come up with New Updates. Check Out What the Franchise has to Offer!

 Shadowgun, one of the oldest and the longest-running franchise, has been going on for a long time now. It is available on mobile phones as well as and accessible to all indiscriminately along with being available for download from the play store, as announced in January 2020. The game was developed by Magfinger Games and has been widely accepted in the society among the gamers due to its attractive games, namely, Dead Tiger 2, Shadowgun titles and Unkilled. The upcoming game is Shadowgun War Games.

Shadowgun War Games title screen
picture: android authority

Recent updates

The Shadowgun War Games have released its features on how to play the game, which will be discussed here.

Shadowgun War Games in game UI
picture: daily motion
  • Swipe left across half the screen – This allows us to move the character left, right, also forward, and backward. In order to make the character sprint, the players can swipe up and keep it pressed. 
  • Swipe right through half of the screen – helps to initiate the weapon reticle to move side to side in addition to up and down.
  • Top right corner – The top right corner of the screen is one of the best ever thought of innovation since that allows one to house their weapons and approach the reload button. That can be activated by tapping the weapons, and later one must tap the reload button to reload. 
  • Top left corner – like the right corner, the left corner has properties to access the settings.
  • Bottom middle – The bottom middle lets one know about the abilities of their characters at play. The required abilities can be accessed by pressing the suitable buttons. For reuse, one has to wait a stipulated time period, which will be informed once the timer is set to track.

All one can now do is download and wait to play the game if they haven’t.