Naruto Uzumaki: Remembering the Most Loved Character of All Times!

Anime has been close to our hearts due to the action and animation that it brings to us with different genres. Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most known and successful characters of the anime series, inspired by the manga series, Naruto, the manga created by Masashi Kishimoto, a Japanese writer. The character has gained the most traction among the other characters in the series. 

About the character

The character is a ninja, young, strong, and determined. A character named Nine-Tailed Demon Fox once attacked Konohagakure and was sealed away in the body of Naruto. Yes, despite all the incidence that took place in the past, he aspires to lead his village, named Hokage. This determination of his is something that is looked up at and is appreciated the most. His aspirations and actions to make the same happen don’t stop with that. He can befriend other Konohagakure ninjas that belong to various other villages other than his. The same reason is why he is loved by the fans. His jolly nature always manages to attract everyone towards him and make them a fan of his character.

Rankings and reviews from the public


The public has always shown love towards the character by ranking it the highest among its contemporaries. Be it the ranking within Japan or the ranking done outside of the country. Specifically, in an ever official poll of the Weekly Shonen Jump, the character manages to secure a rank in the top five. In 2011, the record-breaking, rank one was attained by the character not once but twice, in a row, when in 2012 it managed to secure the first position yet again. Although on and off, he has always managed to gain a wide appreciation for its role and effective acting or voicing that people have always looked up to the character for.