‘Rest in Pieces,’ the Newest Addition in “Endless Running” Games is taking Over the Gaming World – A Review

‘Rest in Pieces’ game is a very impressive and new type of “endless running” game. The first endless running game which we all must have played, “temple run” came into 2011. The release of temple run broke all the records, and in no time it was in headlines. Now this game, “Rest in pieces” developed by Satake, is taking this concept on a whole new level. This game is also an endless running game but with 3-d effects and horror touch, which makes this game even more thrilling.

The interface of the game is very simple and sorted. It is just a matter of time, and you are an expert in playing it.

Credit: Appadvice

In this game, you will find your character as a doll, which is indeed creepy in itself. The whole effects of the game will be horrific, so we have to stay more conscious about the obstacles rather than the surroundings, as in this game, the controls are also a bit tricky. You will find yourself swinging through threads. You can swing right and left and can also nudge your character faster, using these threads. However, gravity and inertia will also do its work, and it will make it even more difficult. All you need is just one hit from an obstacle and WOSH! You will be shattered into pieces.

But at the same time, once you get the hold for the controls of the game, then all you have to do is swing right, swing left, and collect the trinket. In this way, you will get through three checkpoints, which are, of course, not that easy but also not that impossible too. The game is well-known for its real-like horror effects. It is definitely good with respect to other horror games available on the app store. You will also come through characters like jokers, the yeti, and slithering Kraken.

Credit: Ninetendo.com

As you go further into the game, there are many more porcelains dolls you can unlock; this will also keep you hooked to the game. All these dolls do not only come with different looks but also have some abilities you can check for.