One Direction star Harry Styles Is is all set to come At Saturday Night Live after Kenan Thomspon gave Harry a refresher tour of the studio!!

SNL is always entertaining its fans for so many years with a new celebrity every week. This time also someone special is going to join the case and keep their fans entertained! Let us find out who it is!

Who Will Be Joining Back For the Upcoming  Episode?

Apparently, One Direction star Harry Styles is all set to come back to Studio 8H at Rockefeller Plaza and hist yet another fun night of Saturday Night Live. In a preview skit, Kenan Thomspon one of the longest-running cast members of the show gave Harry a refresher tour of the studio. Both of them seem to be enjoying the magic of fall.

In a clip, Thomson welcomed Harry back in the studio. Harry reciprocated by saying that he is very excited and will play some characters, sing or basically do anything. Kenan replied,” Anything?” Both of them spotted a pile of leaves, without wasting any time they jumped into the pile and started having fun unaware of what is going to happen next!

Celebrities Are Having Some Fall Fun!

Soon the custodian arrives and tells them that they needed to make like a tree and leave so he could clean the studio. The two continues laying in the pile until the custodian threatened them about calling the security. This us the fourth time Harry Styles is coming on the Show.  It seems like Harry will have loads of fun and celebrate the fall season with leaves! We cannot wait to catch up with the much-awaited songs and an episode filled with laughter as well. If it is SNL, there will be fun for sure! Let us see who else will be hosting along with Harry Styles the coming weekend. The fall season will be good indeed with these talented artists it seems!