Niall Horan has embarked on the specialty of the attractive lead single. During 2018’s Flicker World Tour, his 2017 radio hit and lead single “Moderate Hands” was the main melody that required turning out from behind his guitar to navigate the stage, regularly rotating and pushing alongside the beat. “Pleasant To Meet Ya,” which was discharged this Friday, October 4, follows in a similar vein. At its center, “Decent To Meet Ya” is a serious surface level melody.


Niall has met and enchanted another lady, likely going for a one-night stand. Nonetheless, the out of control beat and Eagles-Esque power take the tune to the following level. While it’s obviously a hit that will do well on the radio—like a lot of Horan’s performance work—it likewise has enough old-school soul to sound one of a kind.

Significantly more, while it harkens back to his work in One Direction (“Temporary Fix”, anybody?) and his past performance work, it additionally exhibits his common development as a craftsman. “Decent To Meet Ya” is only somewhat more sultry and somewhat more developed than what we’ve seen so far on Flicker. And keeping in mind that it might feel common, regardless it is only that: development.

Of course, it’s not as out and out discouraging as “An excessive amount to Ask” or “Glimmer” (or, let’s face it, about 80% of Flicker) yet the tragic verses Horan’s gotten known for in his performance vocation come later. “Slow Hands” drove the limited time battle for his presentation collection and was an authentically hot bop. Presently, he’s back and thirstier than any time in recent memory.

Far and away superior, Horan likewise prodded some new tracks from his up and coming collection in the music video. “Casual banter,” “Still,” “Tragedy Weather” and “No Judgment” will all be highlighted on his up and coming collection, their titles each covered up all through the video. He’s likewise snuck two telephone numbers into the video, which you’re going to need to require amazement. On the off chance that you can discover them, that is.