A rejection & An Honest Comment Which Changed Henry Cavill’s Life!! Ended up being the part of ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Justice League’

Star Henry Cavill, a superman actor. He was seen in movies like ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Justice League’ was suggested for the role of James Bond. Apparently he lost the role. The reason for that well let’s look into that.

The famous 36-year-old actor recalls his earlier interview in the 2000s. He says he was rejected and apparently Daniel Craig was the one who got the role. But he says, “I probably could have prepared better. I remember the director, Martin Campbell, saying, ‘Looking a little chubby there, Henry.’ I didn’t know how to train or diet. And I’m glad Martin said something because I respond well to the truth. It helps me get better.”

Well, that was a very bit surprising to know. The Superman hero actor back then was considered chubby was a shock because if looking at the star now, no one would ever say that. Time changes and people change. Cavill too probably accepted that he also needs change and some exercise. So he took that honest reply changed to a person who he is now. It is kind of a good thing. Because he accepted that comment he turned out to be a better person with a bright career even in his 30s.

Henry Cavill after that have played three superman roles in different movies and became quite popular. Cavill even reveals how earlier times back then he had to face lots of issues and downs in his life. He says how “I wasn’t ecstatic about not getting these things. but I was so used to disappointment from the acting business, and also from boarding school. ‘No, you’re not good enough.’ that wasn’t anything new to me.”

But then again the people who face hardships and disappointments are probably the people who turn out to be successful and famous one day. Well that’s is what happened to home also. Even though he had to face lots of hindrances in his life, he is now in a better phase of his life.


A rejection & An Honest Comment Which Changed Henry Cavill's Life!! Ended up being the part of 'Man of Steel' and 'Justice League' 1