One More Faulty Cosmetic Product?? Jeffree Star Is Apologizing To Consumers!!

Jeffree Star is a YouTuber and the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The few consumers have shown concern over the internet about the products received by the Jeffree Star Cosmetics line.

The problem was seen in eye shadow palettes, where hair-like substances were found. Basically, eye shadow had ribbon fiber from a factory machine embedded inside. But Jeffree told the consumers to contact the customer service team of his brand, and they will soon receive the refund along with new palettes.

He conveyed the message through social media “Hey everyone, it’s come to our attention that a few dozen people out of 1.1 million palettes produced have a few ribbon fibers embedded in their products,” Star wrote. “The lab has done a full investigation & we found the issue. I pride myself on quality and fully apologize for this error.”

In his Instagram video, he also clarified a few doubts and conveyed to people as its unfair to compare his faulty product situation to Jaclyn Hill’s disastrous lipstick launch.
Jaclyn Hill launched a lipstick line in June, and consumers complained of receiving damaged products with beads, fiber products in it. Some faced lips were swelling after using the lipstick. As if now, Jaclyn has not responded for a recent comparison.

In contrast, Jeffree has posted a video on social media inside the factory where the eye shadow palette was in the process of production. He uploaded the entire video and explained about the presence of fiber like threads in the eye palettes. But he has not spoken about broken palettes.

Many of those who said they received broken palettes appear to have ordered the products from Beauty Bay, a UK retailer that sells Jeffree Star Cosmetics. As if no official response has come from Beauty Bay.