One Cobra Kai Cast Member Broke His Silence On Elisabeth Shue’s Return On The Hit Youtube Series! Read to know all about it.

YouTube hit series Cobra Kai has been officially renewed for a third season as well. While the second season left fans with a huge cliffhanger moment, there’s a lot to.look forward in the third season.

Is Elisabeth Shue’s Character Going To Return On Cobra Kai Season 3?

The second season came to a conclusion with tragedy striking both dojos and Johnny’s career as a sensei was completely upended. Even for Daniel things didn’t exactly come out looking great either.

However, the biggest question about the third season is whether Elizabeth Shue is going to return or not? While co-star William Zabka has said that he is aware of the speculation and he thinks she has been approached, so hopefully there could be a couple of spots with her where she’s kind of open to the possibility.

Her Return Might Be Possible  Considering How The Second Season Finale Ended! Here’s What We Know.

Moreover, while Shue’s character has rarely made an appearance also not to forget that she is mentioned throughout the second season, it is only seen in the second season finale that when Johnny threw his cellphone away, only for the last shot of the episode showing Shue’s character Ali Mills had sent him a friend request on Facebook.

So there is a strong possibility of her character being present in the third season, the second season finale has pretty much created the path for her return. Although even Zabka has confessed that with Millis’ return there can be some ongoing tension brewing between Daniel and his wife. So her return is highly anticipated by viewers as ot will steer the drama to the next level in the hit series.