Dave season 2 [major update]: Lil Dicky is returning in the latest season! Check out cast, release date, plot, trailer and more spoilers.

The original series based on the comedian rapper, Lil Dicky, Dave is gonna be back with a season 2. The show’s story is basically an autobiography of the rapper. And it focuses on how he achieved success as a rapper and got more than required popularity in the hip hop industry.


The show streams on Hulu and one episode ranges for about half an hour. Dave season 1 has already being telecasted and it performed really well on the screens. Even after the show has ended people are still praising it.

Well, recently we got to know that the show has been renewed for a second season or a sequel. Continue reading to know all the details we have about the upcoming season of the series.

When is Dave season 2 gonna release? Updates about the AIR Date

Well, there isn’t any official announcement about the show’s renewal. However, we have a high probability of chances that the show will return back. But nothing can be said until there is no concrete information regarding the show’s arrival and the release date. There’s a good news for y’all even. FX always consoles the fans saying that the show may release in 2020. So now let’s wait and see what happens in future.


Plot of Dave season 2

We all are aware that it is a semi autobiography of a hip hop rapper. But at some points in the show the storyline deviates from the reality. Season 2 will bring up the time when David was making his first album with the song, Molly. It can also show appearance of some great actors like, Snoop Dogg and T-pain. Both of them have a significant role in the show. We’ll update you with every minute information regarding the show, stay tuned to our site for it.