Spiderman actor Tom Holland has slammed down all rumors hinting at his possible romance with Zendaya: They are not dating!! Check out all details here.

There’s a lot of gossip about Holland dating Zendaya, trending now a days. However, both of them have already announced that they aren’t dating each other. Their relationship is just limited to the movie’s romance as of now. Well, here’s all the details about whether they are actually dating or not.


Both the celebrities have worked together in two spider man films and thus have developed a good bonding with each other. And the media also got eager to know more about their relationship. It was due to their good friendship that rumors about their dating keeps on going on and off. However, these news are not at all true.

Tom Holland has always been someone frequently been talked about. It was in 2017 that Ella Purnell, the lead of Kick-Ass 2 and Tom, were dating if the rumors are trusted. However, they broke-up later on. Before that in 2015, when the actor was 23 years old, there were news that he’s dating Elle Loherington. Both of them were working together for a musical play, Billie Elliott. And Elle was his first girlfriend.


The rumors of them dating started when both of them spent a holiday together after the shooting for Spider man: Homecoming finished. It was the first movie staring both the celebrities together. And everyone started coming up with a lot of questions about them from that time. However, they have always denied all the questions about their relationship and dating. But fans love to see them together and this is one of the main reasons for them to be back in the cast of third Spiderman movie. The couple has a great chemistry thus, they’ll be acting together in this movie as well.