Once obsessed with Jennifer Aniston, Prince Harry refereed her as “Princess Material”, but married Meghan Markle!!

It was recently revealed that Prince Harry was obsessed with Jennifer Aniston, who is popularly known for her role in “Friends.” People have now speculated that Jennifer Aniston might have taken Meghan Markle’s spot without breaking a sweat.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were always seen in the headlines for some or the other news ever since their wedding in 2018. Ever since then, it has become quite impossible for the world to imagine Prince Harry with anyone else other than Meghan Markle.

In a documentary, it was revealed that Prince Harry had told his close friend that his favorite actress was Jennifer Aniston and somehow earned her number. As per some reports that have started surfacing the internet now, it was said the Prince harry has frequently messaged Jennifer Aniston and has even sent a few emojis.

But Prince Harry’s interest in Jennifer Aniston had escalated when she was in a romantic relationship with Ashley Cole, a former Chelsea football player.

According to the latest reports, a new upcoming book and documentary by Ian Halperin were based on the Duke of Sussex. In the documentary, Ian has stated that Prince Henry was obsessed over Jennifer Aniston in 2009, especially after Jennifer Aniston has appeared on the cover of them published GQ magazine. In the cover picture, Jennifer Aniston was seen wearing nothing but a tie which was stripped in blue, red, and white.

The documentary reflected that it was after Prince Harry has laid his eyes on the cover of the magazine that he was very much interested in dating Jennifer Aniston. The documentary even added that Prince Harry then used to refer Jennifer Aniston as “princess material” and has spent a lot of his young life partying heavily with models in Los Angeles.

But a representative from Jennifer Aniston has denied all the claims.