Jamie Dornan runs into Dakota Johnson at TIFF!! What happened between them?

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are quite known for turning on the heat whenever they are seen on the screen of the “Fifty Shades” trilogy. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were frequently accused of their strained relationship in the real world. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are known for playing a rocky and steamy romantic relationship on the screen.

Image: Hello! Canada

After years of people speculating and spreading rumors, Jamie Dornan has put an end to the rumors at Toronto’s International Film Festival. Jamie Dornan has attended the Toronto’s International Film Festival on the 6th of September for his new film “Synchronic.” During his time on the red carpet, Jamie Dornan has said that he has already met Dakota Johnson and has continued their same press route. He added that he would definitely support Dakota Johnson’s new film, “The Friend.”

Jamie Dornan said that he did get the chance of seeing her on the screen and so he is going to buy himself a ticket to watch her film just like everyone else.
Jamie Dornan, a northern Irish actor, said that he was pretty excited to return back to Toronto’s International Film Festival for yet another year. Earlier that week, Jamie Dornan has walked the red carpet alongside Divergent’s fame Shailene Woodley. Jamie Dornan and Shailene Woodley have recently filmed a drama together “Endings, Beginnings.”

Jamie Dornan said that he really is in love with the Toronto’s International Film Festival. He added that he always had a great time being surrounded by movies that are different from each other in a million ways.

Dakota Johnson has looked absolutely stunning during her walk on the red carpet for the premiere of her film “The Friend.” Dakota Johnson has acted alongside Jason Segal.