On My Block Season 4: when are Diego Tinoco and Sierra Capri coming back? Read to know about the release date, plot and exclusive updates.

On My Block season, three was released on Netflix on March 11. Within a fraction of time, it eventually turned out to be fan favorite and in a split second arrived in the streaming platform’s top ten.

Vulnerability aside, the show’s co-maker Lauren Iungerich as of late marked a multi-year by and large arrangement with Netflix, which implies the eventual fate of the show is solid.
“I’m incredibly grateful to continue working with the many talented creatives at Netflix to keep telling stories that resonate with audiences,” she said



Iungerich likewise as of late propelled her own production organization, Crazy Cat Lady Entertainment, which will build up a differing selection of TV and film ventures, concentrating on YA and female-driven stories specifically.

“I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to support other creators and filmmakers with my Crazy Cat Lady team,” said Iungerich.


The minds behind the show have just communicated their craving to keep On My Block going for whatever length of time that Netflix permits them to.

The initial three seasons of On My Block all were up on Netflix in the month of March. But due to the current scenario, it’s very difficult to anticipate when production will commence and the permission will be given to it.

The finale of the show ended up with a two-year time hop. At which time the series all the fundamental characters were separated and were occupied with their lives of their own.



Monse was flourishing at boarding school, with that photograph of her and the homegroup pushed to the rear of her bedside table.

Jamal and Ruby additionally appeared as though they weren’t talking in any way, sharing a look between them that proposed everything was not well.

We all can expect season four to be about the pair and what eventually went on later between them. Also clarifying why Jamal has begun spending time with the football crowd once more.