Riverdale: The Episode 18 of Season 4 Left all Fans Gasping for Air


Riverdale is one of the most loved and intense dramas of all time, and has been running four seasons successfully.  It is a teen drama and romance genre which most of the teens would already be binge-watching!

The suspense the series holds always leads one to wonder about what is going to happen next. The show always comes up with a new storyline and suspense, so even if I make in our minds what’s going to be the next move, the show doesn’t fail to surprise us with something new and exciting. 


Coming to the fourth season, the season unfolds a lot of mysteries which remained hidden. This season as well just like the previous 3, has some amazing suspense the audience looks forward to. 

What’s exciting about season 4, is the episode 18th which is the chapter sixty-nine. The main theme of this episode is  – Men of horror. 

What we see in this episode is that the main focus is on Archie, who is extremely worried and stressed out because someone from his past returns. While on the other hand,  the usual drama of Betty and Alice in investigating, is being carried on.  Why does this series become important to them? Because it was this time they got to know about the first suspect they have been looking for. Also in this episode, we see an old friend of Veronica emerge. 

Talking about the reviews of this episode, the reviews have been pretty amazing from the audience.  Fans feel that the series reinvents the season every time it returns and that’s what makes them love this series more.  Mostly in Riverdale people love the steaming romance of Archie and Veronica. 

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