Nosferatu – Pennywise Actor Bill Skarsgård To Be The Lead in the ‘The Lighthouse’ Director’s Upcoming Movie

Robert Eggers is adapting the 1922 silent vampire horror movie, Nosferatu

It breakout star Bill Skarsgård is about to haunt our nightmares once more. This time, the actor and Lily-Rose Depp will be teaming up with Robert Eggers, the gifted writer and director of The Lighthouse and The Northman on his new project Nosferatu.

About Nosferatu

Bill Skarsgard, Robert Eggers, Lily-Rose Depp

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror came out in March 1922, and was directed by F.W. Murnau. The movie was one of the director’s most influential films and continues to be the source of inspiration for modern vampire movies. Made in Germany, the story draws inspiration from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and shows a young couple being targeted by the bloodthirsty Count Orlok (Max Shreck), who has moved to the German town of Wisborg. While getting into legal trouble as it was made without Stoker’s permission, Nosferatu continues to be a benchmark of horror.

About Eggers’ Movie

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Eggers had announced the project in 2016, but it got stuck in development hell for the next five years. In the meantime, the director made his other two hits. The director even joked that it got delayed so much because supernatural forces were at play. But it is here, and it’s happening. Skarsgård was hugely praised for his performance of Pennywise the clown in Andy Muschietti’s It and its sequel, adapted from the novels by Stephen King. Shreck’s performance as Count Orlok where he stalks his prey and makes sudden appearances scared viewers, and Skarsgård is someone who can make the role his own. The movie will have him as the count from Transylvania stalking Depp’s character and will be set in 19th century Germany.

Eggers’ Nosferatu will be produced by Focus Features and other details will be revealed soon.